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LDS materials


A Members Guide to Temple and Family History

Family History Consultants Guide to Temple and Family History

How Do I Start

LDS Records Research Outline

FHJ Handout Books


1999 Handout Book

2000 Handout Book

2001 Handout Book

2002 Handout Book

2003 Handout Book

2004 Handout Book

2005 Handout Book

2006 Handout Book

2007 Handout Book

2008 Handout Book

2009 Handout Book

2010 Handout Book

2011 Handout Book

2012 Handout Book

2013 Handout Book

2014 Handout Book

2015 Handout Book

2016 Handout Book

2017 Handout Book

2018 Handout Book

Current Year (2018) - Individual Class Handouts


01 Finding Substitutes for Vital Records

02 Library Genealogy Databases

03 Finding Records on FamilySearch

04 Beginning Family History

05 Creating Your Personal Tree Using RootsMagic

06 Google Your Way to Genealogy Success

07 Training for Temple and Family History Consultants

08 Tips on Joining a Lineage Society

09 Fundamental Mysteries 1 Simple Ideas in Performing Research

10 Using DNA in Family History Fundamentals, Fables, Frustration and Fun

11 Crowdsourcing with Social Media to Break Through Brick Walls

12 Fundamental Mysteries 2 More Tricks to Discovering Ancestors

13 Claim the Blessings Youth and Family History

14 German Migration into the Ohio

15 Military Research

16 DNA

17 Latin Records in Your Genealogical Research

18 Intro to Temple Work

19 Scots-Irish in America

20 Have You Seen Me Missing Persons and Proof of Parentage

21 Fundamental Mysteries 3 The Case of the Voodoo Aunt

22 Temple Work Session

23 Priesthood Leadership Training

Letter Writing Guides


Letter Writing Guides - Czech and Slovak

Letter Writing Guides - Finland

Letter Writing Guides - French

Letter Writing Guides - German

Letter Writing Guides - Italian

Letter Writing Guides - Polish

Letter Writing Guides - Portuguese

Letter Writing Guides - Spanish

Genalogical Word Lists


Genealogical word List - Afrikaans

Genealogical word List - Croatia language and languagesln

Genealogical word List - Czech Republic

Genealogical word List - Danish

Genealogical word List - Finnish

Genealogical word List - French

Genealogical word List - German

Genealogical word List - Greek language and languages

Genealogical word List - Hungary

Genealogical word List - Icelandic

Genealogical word List - Ireland - Latin in Irish Roman Catholic parish registers

Genealogical word List - Ireland language and languages

Genealogical word List - Isle of Man language and languages

Genealogical word List - Italian

Genealogical word List - Latin

Genealogical word List - Netherland language and languages

Genealogical word List - Norwegian

Genealogical word List - Poland

Genealogical word List - Portuguese

Genealogical word List - Russian

Genealogical word List - Scotland language and languages

Genealogical word List - Slovakia

Genealogical word List - Spanish

Genealogical word List - Swedish

Genealogical word List - Switzerland language and languages

Genealogical word List - Wales language and languages

Country/United States


Alabama Census 1790-1920

Alabama Historical Background

Alabama Research Outline

Alabama Statewide Indexes and Collections

Alaska Federal Census 1880-1920

Alaska Historical Background

Alaska Statewide Indexes and Collections

Arizona Federal Census 1860-1920

Arizona Historical Background

Arkansas Historical Background

California Historical Background

Connecticut Historical Background

Delaware Historical Background

Delaware Research Outline

District of Columbia Historical Background

Florida Historical Background

Georgia Historical Background

Georgia Research Outline

Hawaii Historical Background

Idaho Historical Background

Idaho Research Outline

Illinois Historical Background

Illinois Research Outline

Indiana Historical Background

Indiana Research Outline

Indiana Statewide Indexes and Collections

Iowa Historical Background

Iowa Research Outline

Kansas Historical Background

Kansas Research Outline

Kentucky Historical Background

Kentucky Research Outline

Louisiana Historical Background

Maryland Research Outline

Massachusetts Research Outline

Michigan Historical Background

Maine Historical Background

Michigan Research Outline

Minnesota Historical Background

Minnesota Research Outline

Mississippi Historical Background

Missouri Historical Background

Montana Historical Background

Nebraska Historical Background

Nevada Historical Background

New Hampshire Historical Background

New Hampshire Research Outline

New Jersey Historical Background

New Mexico Historical Background

New York Historical Background

North Carolina Historical Background

North Carolina Research Outline

North Dakota Historical Background

Ohio Federal Census 1800 -1920

Ohio Historical Background

Ohio Statewide Indexes and Collections

Oklahoma Research Outline

Pennsylvania Historical Background

Pennsylvania Research Outline

Rhode Island Historical Background

South Carolina Historical Background

South Carolina Research Outline

Tennessee Research Outline

Texas Research Outline

United States List of State Censuses

Utah Research Outline

Vermont Research Outline

West Virginia Historical Background



Canada - Alberta, Canada, Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

Canada - Alberta, Canada, Boundary Changes and Maps

Country/United States


Virginia Research Outline



Canada - Alberta, Canada, National Census, 1881 to 1901

Canada - Alberta Canada Historical Background

Canada - British Columbia, Canada Historical Background

Canada - New Brunswick Canada

Canada - British Columbia Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

Canada - Manitoba, Canada, Boundary Changes and Maps

Canada - Manitoba, Canada, Historical Background

Canada Previous Research - Part 1

Canada Previous Research - Part 2

Canadian Census Records Before 1871

Canadian National Censuses Are Organized



Denmark, Finding Ancestors

Denmark Historical Background

Denmark Research Outline

Finland - Finding Ancestors Before 1900

Iceland Resource Guides

Norway Historical Background

Norway Research Outline

Norway Resource Guides

Sweden Research Outline

Sweden Resource Guides



Germany - Baden Germany Historical Background

Germany - Bayern Germany Historical Background

Germany - Brandenberg Prussian Germany Historical Background

Germany - Braunschweig Prussia Germany

Germany - Hamburg Passenger List

Germany - Hannover Prussia Germany Historical Background

Germany - Hessen-Nassau Prussia Germany Historical Background

Germany - Hessen Germany Historical Background

Germany - Hohenzollern Prussia Germany Historical Background

Germany - Lippe Germany Historical Background

Germany - Mecklenburg Germany

Germany - Westfalen PreuBen Germany Civil Registration

Germany Research Outline

German Genealogical Handbook - German Research

German Gothic Handwriting

German Handwriting Guide German Gothic

Country/U.K & Ireland


England - Finding Ancestors 1837-1901

England and Wales - Civil Registration Indexes

England City-County Cross Reference

England Probate Guides

England Research Outline

Ireland City-County-Country Cross Reference

Ireland Historical Background

Scotland City-County Cross Reference

Scotland Finding Ancestors 1855-1901

Wales City-County Cross Reference

Wales Research Outline




Mexico Finding Your Ancestors

Mexico Research Outline



France - Finding Ancestors

France Historical Background

France Research Outline



Italy Historical Background

Italy Research Outline

Italy Resource Guide



Argentina Research Outline

Brazil Research Outline

Chile Research Outline


Netherlands Research Outline

Peru Research Outline



Indians of the United States and Canada



Philippines Research Outline



Jewish Genealogy Research Outline - New

Jewish Records 1850-1930



Military Records Research Outline

Topic/African American


African American, Finding Your Ancestors

African American Resource Guide



FamilySearch Donation Guidelines

Family History Library-Center

Family History Materials List

Gifts Donations and Loans

Hiring Professional Genealogist

Downloadable Files