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Family History Jamboree
Families Are Forever
Family History Jamboree Feedback

This is the place to provide your critique and comments on how we did this year.  Here you will be presented with a page for each instructor.  On those pages you will be able to rate and comment on the instructor and each of the classes they taught.  We may have a few general questions at the end for you to comment on.

The rating system ranges from 0-4.  "0" means "Not Applicable" and is not counted or recorded in the rating process.  You would use this rating if you did not attend any classes for the instructor or specific class they taught.  A "0" for the instructor will automatically mark the classes taught by the instructor with "0"s as well.  A minimum rating of "1" is poor and ranges up to a maximum of "4" which is excellent.

You can also add a written comment for the instructor or and any of their classes that you attended.  The comment box looks small, but is scrollable so you can enter as much as you would like..

You begin the process by clicking the Start button below.