Family History Jamboree
Families Are Forever
How To Register:

Read over the materials concerning "General Info", "Class List", "Class Schedule",  "Instructor Bios", etc. and decide which classes you would like to take ( note: seating space in the various class rooms cannot be pre-reserved and will be available on a first-come / first-serve basis only on the day of the event ). Also study the info concerning the downloadable materials.

ONLINE Registration: Once you've read over this material then click the "Register" link on the left side of this page and fill in the registration form.

Registration is free but limited to 450 persons and will be closed at that point.

Once your registration form has been completed, a printable confirmation will then be displayed. You should print it immediately or save it for later printing ( best done from a computer ) and bring that page with you to the Jamboree. You will not receive an email confirmation.  Once our limit of 450 has been met, online registration will be closed. You should arrive at the FHJ at 08:00am and report to the registration desk to check-in. You will then be given a program that includes a map of the building so that you'll be able to find your class rooms.

Downloadable Items:

A complete booklet is available that contains all of the handouts for all of the classes. This saves a lot of note taking. You can download a printable PDF version of the book ( Free ) or you can download indiviual files of notes for each class, by clicking on the "Downloads" link on left side Menu. Note: the current book may not be available until a week or two before the event.

Complete files are also available that contain the handout materials for previous years ( since 1999 ) that this program has been presented and a selection of research guides and helpful hints to further your genealogical research. New items are added each year. You can download any of these files for free by clicking on the "Downloads" link on the left side menu on this page.

Lunch Options:

There will be an area provided for you to eat but we will not be providing lunches for purchase this year. You must bring your own sack lunch or visit a local restaurant. Please! no lunches, beverages or snacks are to be consumed in the class rooms, only in the area provided.